Shea Body Butter

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The body butter is a nutrient-dense cream that deeply nourishes your skin. By
adding a body butter to a skincare routine, the skin will stay hydrated, healthy, and
youthful-looking. Shea Butter is specially made for baby’s skin & nursing mothers.

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❖ Best at protecting your baby’s soft skin.
❖ Extracted from African Shea trees, the Shea butter is high in Omega-3 fatty acids
that are very moisturizing and contains Vitamin A & E.
❖ It is incredibly hydrating & nourishing that works magically on your sweet little
one’s skin.
❖ Calms down irritations & diaper rashes as well.


1. Apply a dollop of body butter directly to the skin.
2. Rub it gently until the body butter is fully absorbed.
3. Pay attention to feet, hands, elbows, and knees, regions that tend to gets dried


For babies, apply a layer of body butter, then cover up with cotton socks or gloves.
Nursing mothers can also apply Shea Body Butter to relieve sore & cracked nipples
associated with breastfeeding.
For best results, use it along with Aara Organics Handmade Soaps variants for
babies or Nalangu Maavu bath powder.

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