Acne Gel

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Great skin is a matter of having a good skin care routine that keeps your skin
healthy, well-nourished & hydrated. But if you have a persistent acne what to do? So you
have to start your skin care routine by using formulas that helps you to reduce oil, treats
acne/blemishes and also prevents future breakouts. Our ACNE GEL that helps you to get
an acne-free, spotless and naturally glowing skin.

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The ACNE GEL is made of key ingredients like:

❖ Aloe Vera Gel (soothes skin inflammations & prevents acne),
❖ Lemon Essential Oil (reduces the amount of oil production in skin),
❖ Turmeric (has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce acne-scars),
❖ Sandalwood Essential Oil (gently tightens skin & fights ageing)
Directions to use:

1. Cleanse your face thoroughly & pat it dry
2. Apply the gel on your face
3. Massage gently in upward strokes till it gets absorbed


If your skin is acne-prone, cleanse skin twice a day to remove oil, dirts & impurities in the
skin. Follow up with an alcohol-free free toner.

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